“Louise is an inspirational Pilates instructor. Her understanding of the human body biomechanics is excellent as is her empathy and understanding of clients’ needs. I would not hesitate to recommend her teaching” Sue – Retired Physiotherapist

“Louise makes Pilates a joyous as well as a beneficial experience for both our bodies and minds and we always walk out of class feeling uplifted.  She has a wonderful way with people to help us to get the most out of each class and she is always alert to everyone’s individual needs in lessons. All in all a great teacher” Nicky D

“I’ve been doing Pilates with Louise every week for over four years. She’s the best teacher I have ever had and I love her classes!  She is kind and encouraging, and makes everyone feel valued and safe within the class and is highly professional at all times, always cheery and lifts my spirits every week. As a Gardener, Pilates is essential for my physical health. After a class I feel aligned, stretched and evenly worked throughout my body. Mentally, my mood is lifted” Sue C

“Louise is an experienced and brilliant Pilates teacher but she is so much more!  She always remembers, our individual problems.  She is caring, funny, empathetic and altogether lovely!  I honestly don’t think my health and well-being would be much good without the classes.  I always feel so much better afterwards” Judy B

I wanted some strength and conditioning classes to compliment my circuit training and I’ve been going to Louise’s Pilates classes for over three years. The classes are kept small (around 12 people) which means Louise can tailor exercises to suit individual needs, particularly if you have an ongoing injury. The content of the classes is never the same, you are always feel you’ve had a full body workout. They are challenging but you never feel under pressure to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Louise makes classes fun yet informative and the groups are always supportive and friendlyHelenP, BoA. 

“After a Pilates session I feel more supple and that I can move my body more easily – I feel looser somehow, less tense, and definitely more relaxed”   Michelle S

“Pilates with Louise is always an enjoyable, invigorating and relaxing experience. All her lessons are different, using varied components, like soft balls, bands and weights. You feel you have achieved something and you feel set up for the day. Louise is very conscious of little aches or pains participants might have and stresses one should ‘listen to one’s body’. You are never in competition with others and Louise is incredibly supportive and encouraging. She keeps up to date by attending courses, thus making sure we are always in good hands with her. She is very knowledgeable and I have total confidence in her” Renate S, Bath

“Louise is the best Pilates teacher I have ever had. She has a sixth sense knowing when you need support or stretching. She remembers everybody’s ailments and adapts her classes to suit everyone. She has a gentle, calming voice which really helps you relax and gain the most from the class. I can highly recommend giving her popular classes a try” Heather W.

“I love Louise’s classes. I feel more supple, better posture and fewer aches and pains when I attend Pilates regularly. I like the stretching and the building of core strength that I get from Pilates, and it does me good! The attention Louise gives to each individual means each person is challenged to the best of their ability” Betty L

“I’ve been going to Louise’s Pilates classes for many years and find them very helpful and enjoyable.  Louise is very knowledgeable and the classes  always flow and are well thought through.  She is very welcoming and takes the time to know you and your particular issues so she can adapt the moves to your needs. The classes are small and interactive. Going to the classes has definitely helped me be more aware of posture, core strength and flexibility. I’ve been to other Pilates classes in the past and Louise’s class is by far the best”                                                                                                                                   Jenny C

“I am so pleased to have found Louise for my Pilates teacher. She is professional with a great knowledge of movement and how to strengthen and protect our bodies based on her years of experience. She is constantly aware of her students’ capabilities. I highly recommend Louise to anyone who is interested in learning about Pilates, through her knowledge and also through her caring manner”  Sally L

“Pilates has been huge fun. We move around better, understand what we can do to keep mobile and breathe more deeply! Classes are friendly and challenging. But with Louise’s encouragement and care for each of us in the class, we do far more than we thought possible. During Covid, Louise has been a star – a guiding light through difficult times” Brenda S

“Good, well thought out and well articulated pilates sessions. Different levels of work are offered and Louise manages to help with individual problems whilst at the same time keeping the class flowing. I would thoroughly recommend her classes” Helen Z

“I just wanted to say how much I value and enjoy Louise’s classes.  I always feel more toned and stronger afterwards and they have proved invaluable in helping my sciatica.  Her instructions are clear and beautifully demonstrated and she takes the utmost care to ensure every single individual has the benefit of her expert tuition according to their needs.  To top it all, she makes it so much fun with her delightful, engaging personality and keeps us focused throughout the lesson on what we should be doing.  I feel extremely fortunate to be a member of her Pilates classes” Jacquetta, BoA

“Louise’s classes have kept me reasonably pain free for quite a few years.  As a tall person I have suffered from back, shoulders and neck pain most of my life.  Coming to these classes has really helped me build up my core and keep my neck and shoulders pain free.  If I do pull something and am in pain Louise is always there to help with advice and exercises and she is always brilliant in class guideing you through what you can and can’t manage to do.  And as well as that my golf is always much better the day after a Pilates lesson!” Maggie