About Louise



Louise Darby is a certified Pilates teacher,  trained and member of Body Control Pilates®.  A founding member of the Body Control Pilates Academy.

With over  18 years’ experience of teaching Pilates, Louise is  passionate about the role of movement for the mind and body supporting our mental as well as physical health.  Her classes offer a range of challenges and motivation suitable for all levels,  ages and abilities.  

Louise loves the way Pilates can help someone regain strength and vitality after injury, how it can  sculpt the body, but also bring a sense of connection and awareness to the way we move and feel, “its like stepping back inside yourself”.

Louise came to Pilates through her own pain and health issues and found much relief and improvement from this strengthening and mindful form of exercise.  She brings this knowledge to her classes to adapt exercises for everyone, regardless of age or ability. From the more advanced classical exercises created by Joseph Pilates, to smaller  functional daily exercises to keep us moving, everything has its own merit.

She loves to challenge her clients, but equally believes in the quietness and relaxation aspect of the technique. The vital quality of connection.

Her classes are kept small to ensure individual attention.  Incorporating Pilates exercises, Breathing, Stretching and Relaxation techniques.  She  uses small equipment such as bands, balls, and ‘Magic’ circles to aid movement and bring variety and fun to her classes.

As well as Pilates, Louise is passionate about Wildlife and Nature and away from teaching she loves Walking,  Gardening, and spending time with her  family and dogs. Balance.

Louise is committed to further training and professional development. Courses include  

Pilates and Better Mental Health   

Hypermobility and related Conditions       

Pilates for Bone Health  

Understanding Pain

Myofascial Release  

Pilates and Massage

Breathing Awareness

Body Control Mat Work

Body Control Pilates Intermediate Mat

Extensive Courses for Small props and equipment for class (Bands, balls, rollers, circles)

Further areas of interest include: Alexander Technique ,  Trigger point release & meditation.